Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anger of the Lord

Moses bringing 10 commandmentsMoses with 10 commandments

Anger of the lord is the same whether he is the Father of Jesus mentioned in Bible or the Arunachala, the Lord Shiva.

In Old Testament there are several instances where the anger of the Lord is horrifying and how he uses his people like Moses, David and others to punish the evil doers. These acts of the Lord in Bible is comparable to the acts of Arunachala, the Lord Shiva’s other form Ruthran’s Ruthra Thandavam or to the furious fights that Sakthi & her generals Kali, Ruthri, Chamundi & others make with Asuras to destroy the evil powers or to the horrifying fights & punishments made by Mahavishnu in his other forms like Narashimha, Varaga, & Parasuram.

According to bible Father of Jesus shows his anger through the selected men like Moses, David and sometimes even through Jesus.

According to Hindu litterateurs Arunachala is the bright form of the formless lord Shiva. The Lord Shiva takes other forms like Ruthra and punishes the evil doers. Dark form of him are Kalli and Mahavishnu. Kalli and Mahavishnu take several other fearful forms to punish the evil doers.

Arunachala the Lord Shiva and the Father of Jesus are not two different identities, they are the the same one with different names.

Some additional information and pictures:

Pictures showing the Hindu Gods fighting and killing the evil Demons.

Varaha fightingLord in the form of Varaha killing the evil demon

Varaha cave carving at Mahapallipuram
'Varaha Murthy' fighting, a carving in Mahapallipuram cave.

Ma Kali in a war with demons. Lord Shiva blessing her.

KaliEven after Killing the demons, Ma Kali's anger was uncontrollable. So Lord Shiva himself offers his body to be handled by her. She gets cooled after sometime.

Narashimaha piercing the stomach Lord in the form of Narashimha killing the demon.

Ugra Nrashima sculptureCarving of Narashimha killing the demon.

The Only God is given different names according to the place and custom of the devotees. The same God performs different acts and plays different rolls according to the place custom and other requirements. God likes varieties in all his creation. Like the varieties in his creation God himself presents in various forms to his devotees to please the devotees and himself.

As per various scriptures of Hindus it is proven fact that Lord Shiva, Sakthi & Mahavishnu is one and the same. Followers of Mahavishnu will not agree to this. But it is a fact that all the three is one and the same. Similarly some of the Christians may not agree to the fact that Father the Lord mentioned in Bible, Shiva, Sakthi & Mahavishnu (Krishna) and Allah of Muslims is one and the same.

All great men Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus, Adhi Shankara and Muhammad, received the same message from the Creator. But the messages given by the lord creator to these great people where varying in certain decree due to the circumstances of the period and places concerned. All are sons of God, Allah, Arunachala, the Lord Shiva…the Creator.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lord as Three Gods

Jesus And KrishnaJesus And Krishna

In Old Testament of Bible Lord visits Abraham. According to Bible Lord came at that time as three persons. Abraham gave feast to Lord. Lord told Abraham that his wife will have a child by the next year and that land in which they are staying at that time will be given to his offspring,
who will be more than sands in beach or the stars of the sky.

Lord as Three Gods Shiva, Vishnu And BrahmaLord as Three Gods Shiva, Vishnu And Brahma

In Hinduism Lord is represented by three Gods Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma. On several occasions they visit devotee’s dwellings and bless them or put them to test and then bless them with boon.




Christians consider the three who visited Abraham as Father, Jesus & Holly Spirit.
They are Lord Shiva, Jesus & Holly Spirit. As per Hindu names they are Trinity Gods Lord Shiva, Vishnu (Krishna) and Brahma.

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