Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lord as Three Gods

Jesus And KrishnaJesus And Krishna

In Old Testament of Bible Lord visits Abraham. According to Bible Lord came at that time as three persons. Abraham gave feast to Lord. Lord told Abraham that his wife will have a child by the next year and that land in which they are staying at that time will be given to his offspring,
who will be more than sands in beach or the stars of the sky.

Lord as Three Gods Shiva, Vishnu And BrahmaLord as Three Gods Shiva, Vishnu And Brahma

In Hinduism Lord is represented by three Gods Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma. On several occasions they visit devotee’s dwellings and bless them or put them to test and then bless them with boon.




Christians consider the three who visited Abraham as Father, Jesus & Holly Spirit.
They are Lord Shiva, Jesus & Holly Spirit. As per Hindu names they are Trinity Gods Lord Shiva, Vishnu (Krishna) and Brahma.

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  1. Great post. Jesus is son of Father, Shiva, Arunachala, Allah the creator of this universe.





  5. Jehova is not siva because he is not omnipresent, omnipotent and benevolent. Jehova is a dictator male patriarch who lives alone. He is jealous and predatory. He has no power to destroy the Evil Satan. But Siva is destroyer of Evils. Jesus is not Skanda or Ganesha because he couldn't destroy the Satan. He could not punish the Romens or Jews who were wrong doers. Both Jehovah and Jesus are powerless in front of Satan. So they can not be Godly.