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Jesus is the Son of Lord Arunachala

Arunachala HillHoly Arunachala Hill

Is Jesus is the Son of Arunachala?

Yes, Jesus is the Son of Lord Arunachala.

heart of jesusJesus son of father Arunachala

Striking evidence is presented here to prove the statement is true.

Christians believe that Jesus is son of Father.

As per Bible Moses saw the God in the form of big bright fire in a desert bush and he heard him speak to him and instructed him to go back to Egypt. While leading his people through the desert he several time met the God in the form of bright fire like light. He was almost friend to God. He saw God as Fire. In the Tabernacle he met God in the form of Fire and pillar like smoke cloud above it.

Lord Shiva according to Hindu Scriptures is also form less. When Vishnu & Brahma requested the almighty Shiva to settle their dispute, Lord Shiva appeared as big pillar like fire at Arunachala and talked to them and got settled the dispute. To read more about it click the link:

ArunachalaHolly fire Deepam in Arunachala hill

Father of Christians & Arunachala of Hindus has appeared as fire to their friends and has spoken to them.

Lord ShivaLord Shiva

According to Bible God consumes fire. Only fire can consume fire. Big fires will envelop the small fires and consume it. According to Hindu scriptures Shiva is fire. Lord Dakshinamurthy & Nataraja, the other forms of Lord Shiva has fire in hand. Scriptures of Hindus says Arunachala hill in Thiruvannamalai and the Arunachala Siva in the temple are Agni (fire) form. Dhakshinamurthy, Nataraja and Arunachala are names of Lord Shiva.

Arunachala and AbithakujambalArunachala with Abithakujambal

Father the Lord in Old Testament of Bible becomes so furious when any wrong is done. Death is the punishment for evil doers. He uses the battlefield to give punishment to such wrong doers. Punishments are horrifying and same like the one Lord Shiva gives to Dakshan father of his wife Sakthi or other wise called Dakshaiyni.

When the Moses had gone to hill top to get the 10 commandments, followers of Moses started worshipping the Golden Bullock. Father got wild and punished the people through Moses. But in Arunachala and in other Shiva temples Lord Shiva with his consort Parvathy mounted over the bullock go around the temple in procession. People worshipping them over the Bullock (Nandhi) mount are blessed and their demands are fulfilled. When bullock is made as a mount for the Lord Arunachala, the Father Arunachala becomes happy and blesses the people who have done it.

Hindus believe that Shanmuga is the Son of Arunachala or otherwise popularly called Lord Shiva, Vinayaka is the Son of Sakthi and Iyappa is the Son of Vishnu.

Father, Arunachala , Shiva, Sakthi & Vishnu are all one and the same Almighty Lord, otherwise called God. God is within us and around us. He has to be same one in me and in you and around us.

If they are all one, Jesus, Shanmuga, Vinayaka, and Iyappa they are also one.

There is no difference between Father & Son. They are part and parcel of only Almighty Lord in various names such as Father, God of Abraham, God of Jacob, God of David,
Jahoova, Arunachala, Jesus, Lord Siva, Athiparaskthi (Sakthi, Buvaneswari, Rajarajeshvari, …), Maha Vishnu (Krishna, Rama, Narayana, Govinda…),Shanmuga, Ganapathy, Iyappa, Allaha .. .. ., .. , …!!!

Father, as per Bible, is formless who created this entire universe.

Lord Shiva (Arunachala), as per various scriptures of Shivaites, is also formless who created this entire universe.

Various Scriptures of other religions too assert that there God created this Universe.

Universe in which we live is only one; there cannot be more than one to give credit to each God of having created its own Universe where we live. There is one God who has created this Universe and us.

Almighty has been given different names by different religions.
Rig Veda says Unknown is one, and every one calls it in different names.
Father of Christians & Arunachala or Shiva of Hindus is the same.
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